What is MIAP?

MIAP ( Metalworking Industries Association of the Philippines, Inc.) is a trade association of firms engaged in metalworking and related and related activities that was organized in 1978, to answer the need for a body that can represent the metalworking industry sector.

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The MIAP National Board of Trustees organized a planning session on how to contribute in the nation building, with the guidance of Mr. Rolly Abarro and Dr. Danilo Pilar.
MIAP’s vision, mission and objectives were revisited and values created to strengthen the implementation of the organization’s objectives, as stipulated in the by-laws:

  1. Market stabilization of the metal working industry by means of collaboration internally and externally
  2. Establishing standards in cooperation with various government agencies
  3. Promoting exports
  4. Providing technical services and trainings
  5. Maximizing and improving technology
  6. Engaging in Research and Development Projects for machineries and equipment
    We hope that this activity, with everybody’s cooperation, will be a catalyst in furthering the development of the Metalworking industry as it is the BACKBONE of all other industries.